About Us



 True Digital Industries has gathered the best of the best talent in our industry and put together a team with over 100 years of combined experience in athletic apparel, graphic design, clothing design, product design and manufacturing.  


 We are a large producer of custom fully sublimated cut and sewn apparel and accessories such as blankets, towels, day-packs, and equipment bags.We have our own pattern-making and art department who are tasked to work directly with you and your customers should you wish.

 We create a “mock-up” of your design and submit it for comments, changes, and finally approval. Once approved, we send out an order entry form where you would add all of the names, numbers, and sizes, returning that form to us.

 We ship your order  in  10 business days and caneither ship to you or drop ship wherever you want. Everything we do is under our control as it is all done in our own factory.

 We offer Fan Gear for these programs. thru a series of Team Stores where you can offer replica products to the Fans. These products can also be Customized and Personalized. We actually can make 1 piece for your customer. This Fan Store program can also be set up as a fund-raising situation with a % of sales going directly back to the programs.