What is your turn around time?

Our turnaround time is an average of 10 business days . Please note that some order can be done sooner or some may take longer depending on the complexity of the order, quantity, and season of when purchase was made. 

Can you do a totally custom design?

Yes of course we can.  Please contact us and we can take a look at what you are wanting to order and we can better let you know what we can do for you.  We will also be able to let you know what additional cost if any will be applied.

What is the minimum we can order?

Good news... there is only a single garment minimum purchase.

How do we make payments?

Once you have selected what you need you can process your order through the shopping cart.  If you have a special case order we will be in contact with you to collect payment.

I have an existing uniform, can you match it?

Yes we can.  This most likely will fall into the custom jersey category.  After you contact us and we will get with you and figure out what it will take to get your uniform matched up.  At that time we will also let you know of any additional cost if applicable.

Do you keep inventory?

We actually do not.  Due to the nature of customs orders, we produce garments as they are ordered.

When can I see a mock-up of my uniform?

Our staff will get in touch with you once you submit your order.  We will review all details of what you are looking for in your order and you can expect a mock-up of the uniform within 2-3 business days.  Please note that the certain times of the year we might a little longer but we will let you know upfront when we contact you.

Do you give a discount if we order multiple items?

Yes but this applies to team orders only.  Once we have all details of what you need we can let you know what savings you earned.  This will apply to all orders that order all their items at one time.  This will not apply to Team Store orders.

Do you charge for a Team Store?

We actually do not charge for a team store.  Please let our staff member or sales rep know that you will require a Team Store and we can get that set up for you.  We will charge all orders individually as they are placed.

How many revisions can I make to the mock-up I receive?

We try our best to get things right the first time but occasionally we do need to make edits and we totally understand.  We try to keep it to three edits or less.  The best thing to do is to look the design over and give us a list of all and any edits you would like at once.  Depending on the amount and complexity of the edits requested there might be a small charge that is applicable but we will let you know if this is the case ahead of time.

I have my own logo, can I use it?

Yes of course you can... for the most part.  We do prefer for your logo to be a graphic file like Adobe Illustrator or EPS.  JPG and PNG files will most likely have to be vectored in order for us to use them.  Once we receive your files we can better let you know what we can do with it.  If we have to redraw it we may have to add an art charge.  If so we will give you an estimate of how much that will be before we start.

If I don’t have a logo, is it possible to get something that is not in the logo library?

Yes we can come up with a new logo to represent your team.  An art charge will be applied for this service.  We will get your ideas and let you know an estimated price before we begin creating a logo for you.